Serigne Mountakha Gueye – Poems of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba

786. . . the importance of Cheikh Bethio in Muridism!

Cheikh Bethio

jay bul nala sa ma bop, adunya ak al akirati

chi barkay Serigne Saliou !!!

The only way out of the matrix, is to find One Hu Is out of the matrix. The way of the sufi is realization through initiation. according to sufi doctrine “shaytan is the cheikh of the seeker who has no cheikh.” in the past two weeks eye have traveled from atlanta, to new york leading sufi circles of teaching, learning and zikr. al hum do li la in the past 2 weeks eye have witnessed 2 people take shahadah and 4 seekers take bayat with our sufi order. because of this it is time to share some inner teachings about the bayat with Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba through the living master Cheikh Bethio Thioune.

In one of the circles eye was asked Hu is the Insan Kamil (universal man) of this time period? my answer was ” the only true master that i know in this time period is my cheikh, Cheikh Bethio.” taking bayat through His barakah ( blessing) is not the same as taking initiation with any other cheikh from our order. HE is the only living master of our order that was invested as a Cheikh by His cheikh, Serigne Saliou Mbacke. the other cheikhs in our order are cheikhs by bloodline, family relation to Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba or Cheikh Ibra Fall. Cheikh Betchio once asked “would you let the son of a doctor do an operation on you?” a true master is One Hu was invested to be a master by His or Her master. just because your grandfather was a master of the way does NOT make you a master of the way.


Serigne Saliou has said to Cheikh Bethio “my yo, yie man.” this means “I am you, you are me.” personally i was in Touba Senegal on several occasions with Serigne Saliou and Cheikh Bethio when Serigne Saliou announced “whoever takes bayat with you, it is the same as if they take bayat with me.” In 2003 i was in Touba when Cheikh Bethio asked Serigne Saliou “what does a disciple receive when they take bayat with me?” Serigne Saliou said “the hands of Allah descend to accept the bayat.” this is in reference to the verse in Quran in surah 48 the Victory where Allah says “the hand of Allah is over their hands” when the bayat is given.

wa min Allah tawfiq- and from Allah success !!!

love and light – Qiyamah Abdallah Saliou – sufi

786. . . Sufi circle in Atlanta

Collage_2014-03-06_00_23_01Return of the Jedi!

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may the Force BE with you. . . . the saga continues


786. . .Uni-verse, multiple manifestation of the ONE !


Verse- Multiple

Multiple manifestation of the


infinite oneness without duality

awaken to transcendental reality

from Allah the One

the Uni-verse manifest

EYE was a hidden treasure that wanted to Be known



Om Sat Chi Ananda!!! what you see is NOT what you get. concepts of duality built on a 100% false belief system. upon finding out that what you perceived to be a snake was actually a rope, did the snake ever exist??? Maya(the force of covering) in this 3rd dimension, causes the mind to think/believe in a concept of duality, the idea that You exist separate from Allah. Is the water in the cup taken from the Ocean different from the Ocean? that is the case with you and Allah. the spirit, Allah, is omnipresent. when the spirit, Allah becomes localized in the body it is called the soul. YOU ARE NOT YOUR: mind, body, emotions, thoughts or false personality. YOU are the water (soul) taken from the Ocean-Allah localized in the the body-heart because of the mind and past conditioning.

Self-God realization is the process of knowing/waking up to your TRUE Self, identity as BEing One with Allah. on the sufi path we use the zikr/mantra LA EE LA HA ILL ALLAH which means, Allah is the only Reality. the snake, universe that we see with the 2 physical eye, is actually the multiple  manifestation of Allah, the One-Al Ahad.

The mystery of 3 arabic seed syllable mantras words: HU, HA, HE. . . .listen close, the veil has been lifted for this seeker of LIGHT!!! Hu is the arabic pronoun for Allah that is gender-less and without form.  HU is the transcendental essence of Allah that is beyond duality. the 1st manifestation of the HU is the HA. Ha is the feminine essence of Allah manifest on this physical plane.  from the HA came HE. He is the masculine principle of Divinity manifest on the physical plane. The Hu, Allah, wanted to be known, so when Allah created the UNI-verse, Allah polarized His essence Hu, that was transcendental, giving birth to an infinite number of yin/yang feminine and masculine principals that we call the Uni-verse. ALL IS Hu, Ha, He – Allah, knowing, Being the One existing reality without a second. . . any questions ? ? ?

Al Ahad – The One

Love, Light, Abundance Now – sufi ananda

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786. . .No death

take a deep breath. . .listen very close to what eye am about to say. . .these are the words of one Hu has been behind the veil. . . 1st the mind stopped 2nd the 5 senses turned inward 3rd consciousness of the physical plane dropped 4th the veil between the 2 worlds dropped 5th the void opened into a world with out form time or space. . .empty of illusory duality. no thought forms. not even a trace of the ego or a separate identity existed. pure truth being and bliss. in-side the space of no space exist 7 dimensions in 4 directions. eye witnessed Self existing in 28 different uni-verses of Oneness with no separation. the mind was “not” there. gone beyond the veil. beyond the beyond. no-body, no-mind, no-self. empty of thought forms. pure mon-ism, monad, one, 1 existing eternally with no death. in this world there was NO death. . .

this is why it is best to remain silent!!!

Love and Light – sufi ananda, gone beyond gone

786. . . in the blink of an eye


5 elements of illusion

drop the mind

u will find

no space

no time


Abundance NOW!!! in the blink of an eye “this” will all be gone… my mother used to speak of the eternal now. now eye KNOW. eternal ONE. eternally 1 BEing IS existing alone. have you ever been “alone with the Alone?” what an internal experience. eye was blessed to in-sperience the alone state with the Alone-Allah. Allah alone Is. none else has existence. in this alone state there was no: time, place, objects, people, thoughts, emotions, mind or universe as we know it.

the mystic traveler will traverse many states of being/consciousness on the return to Oneness-non duality. all of the states of being/consciousness are relative until one comes to the state beyond states. a state of knowing(with-out thought) that the true Self is ALL. Allah, the true Self knows Him/Her Self through YOU!!!


once you Know thy Self, you must BE thy Self. learn to drop false masks/ego personalities created by society, and let your true innate Divine State shine. Its time !

Love and Light – sufi ananda

786. . . The Drunken Monk

a long long time ago, He saw through the illusion. . . .walked into the mountains. . .never to be seen again. . .



Ya thal Jalali, Ya Muta Ali, Ya kayra Wali, ajib dua ee 129x

99% of what eye Know is haram

Tibetan tantric advaitic drunk Monk

Hu found peace in Islam

stay calm

walk away if you can

Drunken Monk

somewhere lost between Allah and man

the bar is closed

no moor drinks 4 U sun

esoteric cleric 9 planets and then some

7 celestial moons

there is no silver spoon

spoke Sanskrit in the womb

Arabic beyond the tomb

Billionaire in the 8TH heaven who seems to have lost touch

last time in church he smacked the devil out of 6 priests

each priest screamed, trembled and burned

releasing 111 jinns each

 what happens in Brooklyn

don’t stay in Brooklyn

who’s lookin

to get ya whole mind shookin

Asiatic sufi immortal philanthropist

Iman Islam Ihsan

Bodhisattva returned

refuge in 3 jewels

eternal dharma wheel turn

while the copal resin burn


Om Ah Hung

intoxicated mantra sung

chanted incanted

so the avatar SALIHU come

Huuuuu Huuuuu Huuuuuu 11x

the eternal One

the Word became flesh

Padmasambhava Sai Baba Quan Yin  Guru Amma

Cheikh Bamba Guru Bawa Hari Krishna manifest

La ee la ha Ill Allah

Muhammad dur rasool lu la

Aaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa

infinite infinity

yet simple simplicty

Om sat chi ananda

breath-aterian rainbow body

death is not an option

 eye try to act normal

cause eye see yo bitch ass  watchn

metaphysical holographic 7th dimension-EL Light Being

can’t tell the difference between the awake state and a dream

gate gate para gate para som gate

gone ,gone, gone beyond, gone beyond gone

way way way way way beyond the stars

smoked hash on pluto

drank hi-ya-was-ka on mars

time stopped space pop-ed

you could hear a pin drop

dropped the body astral body causal body Light body 3x


etheric jade citrine heavenly crystal double terminated body

oh shit

did He just say that in public

what the fuck

its time to change the subject

Ya thal Jalali, Ya Muta Ali, Ya kayra Wali, ajib dua ee 129x

99% of what eye Know is haram

Tibetan tantric advaitic drunk Monk

Hu found peace in Islam

stay calm

walk away if you can

shaolin Drunken Monk

somewhere between Allah and HU-man


- sufi ananda 12-6-13


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