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Sacred Partnership: Choosing, Seeing, Being Love in Every Moment

What is a Sacred Partnership?

Truly, it is a haven. It is heaven. It is a joining of God and Goddess in light, in divine love. A Sacred Partnership is also a spiritual one, yet this applies whether you follow the religious way or the Gnostic way. Spiritual means that you vibrate, your essence vibrates in spirit, beyond your physical form, beyond your minds comprehension. It is limitless, completely infinite. The possibilities of creation, the power that you have to manifest, to bring forth, to reveal the truth, the potentials, are truly limitless. Spirit is the essence of you within your body. Spirit is not tainted. Right and wrong are not words that spirit understands. Spirit sees, feels, is and acts in love – divine, true, eternal love with no conditions, no expectations, no self serving needs. It is free. It…

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  2. Posted by cherie on August 10, 2012 at 12:22 am

    This is the relationship Most real people want. And its most understandable. And recommended.


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